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Posted September 6, 2011 by Paul in Messages from Paul

I shy away from the pervasive question about the “sustainability” of the Toronto housing market – as I’ve pleaded before, the complexities of the world’s financial markets (and consumer sentiment) far outstrip my liberal arts background.  Even my addiction to the Economist makes me a lousy expert in the field of “what’s going to happen when…”.

But isn’t it bloody exciting?

When you are barrelling along Adelaide, or wandering Queen Street East, biking across Bloor or walking the dog through Roncy, don’t you sometimes just gather in the evidence and think it’s damned exciting?  The building boom in this city has the potential to dramatically change the vibrancy of our downtown, improve community, spur new local businesses, create magnificent architecture and forever change the way Toronto view’s itself and understands its place in the world.

Let’s just please not put a mall on the waterfront.  Urban problems need urban solutions Mr. Mayor.

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