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Buckle in, this should be fun…

Sep 07, 2015 by Paul

It’s inevitable, being involved in residential real estate, that the conversation of market health with come up – frequently.  Utterly understandable, really.  When I was a food & wine critic, I became rather accustomed to “Oh, so what’s your favourite …” and so today I’m equally at ease responding to “what do you think will happen …”.

For the purpose of being emphatic and hopefully clear, let me say here, now, the following : my crystal ball is on the fritz, but geez are things looking outstanding.  The meta-concerns of the market (inflation, consumer confidence, interest rates, monetary supply and other things that I read the Economist to better understand) will behave however they do.  I have only the vaguest sense of some of the wider considerations in the market, but a very clear sense of just how exciting, busy and downright strong the real estate market is, for us, right now.

This fall alone we have the privilege of representing some top-tier properties throughout the city, each exciting in the very own way.  These are the lofts and homes that are the backbone of our business, and represent a fine selection of homes ideally suited for buyers seeking superbly-designed residences in vibrant neighbourhoods.  I’m overjoyed with the selection of properties upcoming.

And when I look at the developments we are on the verge of releasing, I’m simply ecstatic. Take for example Cabin, a superb collection of just 24 homes in the city’s Queen West neighbourhood, housed in a boutique building.  Or Crafthouse at St. Andrews,  following in the footsteps of the outrageously successful Crafthouse development on Page Avenue – truly, the first modern, detached home development in the GTA.  Slightly farther afield is our latest foray in Scarborough, with a terrific development called At the Rouge, five modern homes to be located directly on the Rouge River Valley.  Townhome buyers are in great luck, with both Oben Flats : Harbord and CORE modern homes available this fall, and a couple of other really exciting infill developments we have in the wings.

And this fall also sees Kingston&Co commence construction, nearby the brilliant Tree House Townhome development.  A small selection of suites remain at some of our other developments, all at various stages of completion.

What this represents, to me, is extraordinary strength in the market that I concern myself with: superbly crafted, well designed homes in exceptional neighbourhoods.  Never before, not in the 10 years that I’ve been pursuing this role, has there been the abundance and depth of exceptional properties and developments available.  There has simply been no better time for buyers seeking unique and distinctive properties, and that alone leaves me with the belief that everything is doing just great in the real estate market.

Enjoy your fall.  I know I’m going to.