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267 Roxton Road Toronto
Modern Townhome for Sale in Little Italy

It was 2013 when we presented and sold this development of 37 homes in Little Italy.  It was a pioneering development, that went on to be awarded “Project of the Year” by BILD, and became a template of sorts for future modern townhome developments.  Most have been poor emulations of the same form, and others (many of which we have subsequently represented) have further pushed this housing language along.  It’s a pleasure to return here

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50 Bartlett
Laneway Home for Sale at Lanehouse on Bartlett

I have the distinct pleasure of being able to drive about the city and ‘drop in’ on projects that we have presented over the years.  Lanehouse is one of those, that pre-dated the laneway ‘craze’ and was a very daring and bold project taken on by Curated Properties.  And what a success – a building that feels as decidedly at ease in the evolving neighbourhood, presenting ultra-stylish living spaces for those lucky enough to call

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115 Walnut
Unique Mixed Use Building for Sale King West

Sometimes, it’s like working in an ice cream shop:  I so often want what I’m selling!  If I didn’t have an office space that I quite adore, this building would be absolutely perfect.  Go about business on the main floor, and live upstairs in a bright and stylish residence.  Or rent both of the suites until I need a little more space for business… this building provides space for growth. Welcome to 115 Walnut Avenue

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31 Albemarle Ave
Modern “Home in White” for Sale in Toronto

I remember in high school pretty much every girl had a little black dress.  Of course the variations between them had to do with materials, hemlines, the cut… but they all pretty much explored the same idea of the formal uniform.  My prom date showed up dressed in an 18th century Regency ballgown as though she was hoping to sit next to Marie Antoinette, her face powdered an astonishing purity of white.  This house reminds

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Modern Home in Midtown at 9 Carey Road

There’s quite a bit that impresses me about this home – the level of finish and very clever integration of balconies from upper levels for example – but my overwhelming response is to the brick.  I greatly appreciate modern homes expressed in brick, not just for their contextual resonance, but for the boldness and durability that brick implies.  And geez, it’s a handsome brick. Welcome to 9 Carey Road in midtown Toronto. Located on a

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24 Treford Place
Unique Laneway Property at 24 Treford Place For Sale

During 15 years of specializing in unique urban homes, I’ve had the privilege to present a number of great laneway properties.  What sets this apart is not just the lot size, and not just the location, but the fact that this represents an extremely rare opportunity to acquire a property with tremendous garden space, exposure, scale and parking.  The possibilities here are endless. Welcome to 24 Treford Place in Toronto. The first time offered for

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