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“My life is now forever changed after seeing this house.”

Jun 24, 2016 by Paul

These, the words of a teenager who sheepishly asked to tour through one of our listings, during an “agent only” event.

How glad I am that we invited her in.

There was a certain elation in her statement, as she headed for the door to leave.  But also a simplicity in what she said that reminded me of precisely why our business is so profoundly enjoyable: because houses do indeed change lives.  And perhaps because it is the “commerce” of the agent to assist in buying and selling, the risk remains that we occasionally forget the impact that a home – its structure, rooms, spaces and volumes – have on the very way in which we see ourselves.

Now, this young lady was taken aback by a home of remarkable detail, rich in the loves and treasures of the owners who rather vigorously lived there.  It was, in keeping with our fascination with unique urban homes, quite the space.  And the way in which the owners had cared for their home, been stewards to its design and spirit, the way in which they celebrated it with the careful attention paid to artwork, furniture, books… it was a celebration of tremendous, resoundingly beautiful space.  This house had an effect, not just on the owners who were inspired by the home, but an affect on those like this young girl who toured it.

And indeed, by being as aware as she was, this young visitor so eloquently expressed the degree to which great homes change us.  They expose us to slightly elevated ways of living.  They remind us that home celebrates family.  They re-infoce that the people who we surround ourselves with need space to laugh, create, eat and enjoy. They reflect the history of both the owners, and the structure.  They remind us, of the importance of home.

Thank you for stopping in, young lady.  Your words remind me of why I love what I do.