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Social Media NOT for Business

Mar 01, 2011 by Paul

It seems that the new salvation for a business of any type is activation on social media.  My inbox is rammed with invitations to attend seminars, events, one-on-one sessions and meetings about how to leverage social media for the good of my business and focus on unique urban homes.  I love the idea of the vanguard, or being on the bleeding edge.  It’s likely why I learned to program Pascal in my early teens, or ran of buletin board off an extremely sexy Apple II computer with SIX floppy drives!

But quite frankly, social media (and more specifically facebook) provided a much more valiant service of late: it reconnected me with dozens of people from almost 20 years ago, who shared in my love of music, laughter and fun.  It reminded me of the years I spent passionately and diligently pursuing my dreams and goals, well before real estate became my profession.  And it made me smile, because these lovely people are now widely dispursed around the world, pursuing all forms of new challenges with families and children and dreams anew.  Yet, 20 years ago, we were all just friends on a dance floor, barely focused on the future but madly inlove with our own social world.

So I my business presence on facebook et al will likely continue to grow, as has my business.  If the former follows the latter, I will be delighted.  In 2010 I’m extremely proud to announce that I was the #1 agent in all of downtown west (C01) and amongst the very top 1% of agents throughout the Toronto Real Estate Board.  This success I owe to the countless new friends and clients I have met along the way, and Toronto’s new-found love for truly unique urban properties.