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Where Do We Go From Here?

Sep 29, 2012 by Paul

I’m asked with enough frequency “where do I see the market going”, that I’m able to hopefully provide a fairly considered response. Entirely accurate? Well, ultimately only time will tell.

The two greatest developments of late in my business have been the emergence of consequential infill “at grade” housing, and some very exciting mid-rise developments. I’ve had the honour of helping to bring some exceptional developments to the market, some of which we are now seeing ’emulated’ by other builders. That’s entirely flattering, of course, but it also creates a challenge for the buyer: trying to identify the authentic from the pastiche. Ultimately, the integrity of the development is a product of the creative forces behind it, couple by the competence of the developer and builder within the modern vernacular. Proceed with caution.

Yet, what we need is to continue to push the design boundaries forward, and continue to demand inventive and inspired architecture and interior planning which continues to improve the liveability and beauty of our urban environment. We’ve made enormous strides in the last 4 years – some exceptional buildings that are truly striking, and some sensitive small developments which are truly reflective of the styles of our time.

Now is the opportunity – which I believe a few talented and inspired developers will embrace – to be bolder yet, more daring still, and ultimately more demanding of their design partners, to help shape the next stage of urban beautification. Either in small in-fill developments along existing residential streets, or larger ‘mid-rise’ developments along the city’s larger streets and avenues that are so in need of re-invention.

So from here, it get’s even better. More exciting, more engaging and ultimately more beautiful. I simply can’t wait…