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The Townhouse Takes a New Turn

Downtown Toronto will always be the land of “Bay-n-Gable” homes. Even before author Patricia McHugh coined the term in her 1985 book, Toronto Architecture: A City Guide (McClelland & Stewart), these narrow Victorian semis sporting two- or three-storey high bay windows and little gabled roofs were an iconic symbol of the city. Up until about eight or 10 years ago, infill builders were all too happy to provide us with modern interpretations of these –

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Toronto Condo Market Hits The Down Button

The developer thought it was a brilliant idea: Build a penthouse on top of an existing condo building in a chic Toronto neighbourhood to take advantage of the city’s insatiable lust for expensive real estate. For $1.8-million, the new owner could walk into a brand new, 1,800-square-foot condo designed to her specifications. That was the idea, anyway. But the listing in prime Rosedale hit the market in February, just as sales were beginning to slow

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A buyer’s quandary: Jump in or get out?

In 2004, David Green was one of a horde of people jostling for the chance to buy part of a decommissioned industrial building in a seedy part of Toronto. “People were fighting in the sales office,” says Mr. Green, who felt caught up in the fracas as red “sold” stickers began appearing on the floor plans. The pace, he recalls, had rival buyers thinking, “they’re all going to be gone in a second if I

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Spare Me

Spare Me For several interested buyers, the question was, how minimalist is too minimalist? The Seller Patrick Flynn, a 60-year-old finger print technician for the Toronto Police Service and a former member of The Bopcats, a 1980s rockabilly band. The place A 745-square-foot loft in an art deco industrial warehouse in Regent Park. From 2005 to 2007, Flynn rented the apartment to Michael Ondaatje, who used it as a studio while writing Divisadero. Flynn moved

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Agent has found a niche with “One of a Kind” homes.

Paul Johnston chose a wildly ambitious professional niche when he began selling real estate in the Toronto market about three years ago. Back then, the scene was sizzling. Today, a global economic meltdown is scaring nearly everyone in the real estate community. But Johnston is more convinced than ever that he made the right choice, not only for his own career but for the benefit of current and potential clients. What is Johnston’s exclusive focus?

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