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Buyer Beware? No, Buyer be Informed

“Buyer Beware”. Seems like really useless advice to me, because it’s a catch-all for anything and everything that may go wrong.  In truth, it always struck more more as an ass-covering device, to pull out after something had gone totally amiss, only to demonstrate that the person who uttered the warning might have known better.  With a little finger wagging.  Along the lines of “I told you so”.  And just pray it wasn’t uttered in

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Our Avenues are Getting Crowded – thankfully…

Our Avenues are Getting Crowded And let me tell you, I think that’s a great thing. It wasn’t long ago that we spoke of midrise development in fairly vague terms. Mainly about the lofty ambitions of lining core arteries with sensibly-scaled, “city building” structures.  There were city guidelines produced, discussion panels, a flood of newspaper profiles and the kind of urban design chatter and enthusiasm that I saw the first modern townhome projects give rise

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Shock of The New : not so shocking after all…

I giggle a little bit when a neuron misfires and I’m suddenly connecting what I do today for a living, with what I studied in university. Let’s go back… Most people think I must have studied architecture, or graphic design, or some equally visual field. Fact is, I laboured through a 4 year BA while simultaneously promoting bands, djing, throwing raves and scouting nightclub locations. But back to my communications degree, and these wonderful ‘quasi

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Modern Niche is Really Growing in Toronto

It’s amazing how a ‘niche’ can grow so extraordinarily quickly. Only a few years ago, I was helping to bring the very first new wave of modern housing design to the city – seemingly fairly alone in the wilderness with only a few brave pioneers. A few homes at a time… Today, to my delight, modern and distinctive properties are top of mind for so many buyers in the city. So much so, in fact,

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The Truth About Toronto Real Estates

There. I’ve gone and done it. A snazzy headline to catch your attention which suggests some long-winded and divinely accurate analysis of the future of Toronto Real Estate. Heck, keep reading, we might even invite you to buy a book or attend a seminar… Ahem, sorry for any disappointment. As my past clients know, when the conversation of investment comes up, I really try to focus attention on what I believe to be the true

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Will You Keep on Building Higher, ‘Till There’s No More Room Up There…

If you are of a certain age, I challenge you to keep that song out of your brain for the next hour. Not so easy, is it? As a teenager and into my early 20s, I worked fairly consistently as a dj. While my true love was early house music – and I sought any opportunity to fill my crates with obscure 12″ tracks, picking up gigs at such illustrious venues as the Lizard Lounge

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