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Make Millions with No Money Down!

If you are of a certain age (ahem), you may recall the histrionic of Tommy Vu – a Vietnamese poker-player who turned real estate investment guru. He had some embarrassingly vulgar infomercials in the 1980s, promoting get-rich schemes predicated on no-money-down investment properties.  To be crude, the point was his students would get rich, and the dudes would get women.  Money and sex still sells.  “Look at all these beautiful women!” Vu would chant, with

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Social Media NOT for Business

It seems that the new salvation for a business of any type is activation on social media.  My inbox is rammed with invitations to attend seminars, events, one-on-one sessions and meetings about how to leverage social media for the good of my business and focus on unique urban homes.  I love the idea of the vanguard, or being on the bleeding edge.  It’s likely why I learned to program Pascal in my early teens, or

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News: September 2010. Modern Homes at the “Inflection Point”

I wasn’t a big fan of “The Tipping Point”, Malcolm Gladwell’s treatise on the obvious. It struck me as a very long-winded essay, penned by a student desperate to stretch the subject to the required length. Now, Gladwell sold a billion books, so who’s the smart one, really? His blockbuster success has me tempted to start work on “Your Yard Will Grow: The Front Lawn” or “Knives Are Sharp – Be Careful!” to round out

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May 2010 – Because It’s Time to Really Take Stock

Toronto Real Estate Under the Microscope I’m really glad I’m not a scientist.  Sure, the prestige of high-level finite knowledge must be a turn-on of sorts. And white lab coats, I’m told, can be worn eitherside of Labour Day. No worry. But while my chosen career path may rob mankind of miracles I likely would unearth, it puts me at a certain advantage. People have a CLUE what I’m talking about… That’s the pleasure of

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Unique Urban Home Report – October 2009

Well, at least we live in interesting times! This Fall is shaping up to be one of the strongest markets in recent memory, fuelled by an unusual lack of listings, and a combination of low interest rates and palpable consumer confidence. As has ben widely reported, not only are bidding wars back but so too have ‘bully offers’ made their return. But it’s exciting to see a growing number of moden homes appear in the

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Spacing Magazine

I’ve been a fan and supporter of this ‘urban landscape’ quarterly for quite a while. Impassioned writing and stunning city photography make Spacing Magazine great for flipping through or in-depth reads. Contact me if you’d like to received a copy.

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