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Where Do We Go From Here?

I’m asked with enough frequency “where do I see the market going”, that I’m able to hopefully provide a fairly considered response. Entirely accurate? Well, ultimately only time will tell. The two greatest developments of late in my business have been the emergence of consequential infill “at grade” housing, and some very exciting mid-rise developments. I’ve had the honour of helping to bring some exceptional developments to the market, some of which we are now

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The Future of Midrise in Toronto

One of the most rewarding aspects of this career is the simple act of helping people find “home”.  I don’t ever want to think of what I do as the banal trade of commodity – as though I am negotiating pork futures or esoteric investment vehicles.  Rather, in my finest hours, I know that I help people find the comfortable, well lit space in which to go about the joys (and pains) of daily life.

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What’s Next? Unique Urban Homes

I’ve been extremely privileged to be part of a number of teams that have brought modern infill housing to the city. It’s been an exceptional few years – working with passionate developers, architects and designers. The success of these developments, from block to inhabit claremont to trinity bellwoods townhomes has been a testament to Torontonian’s desire to live in engaging and exciting neighbourhoods in the very core of the city. We want to live in

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Join The Unique Urban Homes Team

It has been an exceptional year for modern and unique homes in Toronto.  As the market grows, so too does the desire to grow the team. I’m presently looking people to come on board in two key areas: sales and administrative support.  These are both positions which require core capacities which are at the very heart of what we do.  Namely: – have a passion for great design and intelligent city building. – be passionate

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Isn’t it Bloody Exciting?

I shy away from the pervasive question about the “sustainability” of the Toronto housing market – as I’ve pleaded before, the complexities of the world’s financial markets (and consumer sentiment) far outstrip my liberal arts background.  Even my addiction to the Economist makes me a lousy expert in the field of “what’s going to happen when…”. But isn’t it bloody exciting? When you are barrelling along Adelaide, or wandering Queen Street East, biking across Bloor

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Come Join The Team – I’m Hiring

JOB TITLE: Real Estate Office Coordinator DATE:  Commences Summer 2011 JOB SUMMARY To provide comprehensive administrative and managerial support to a growing, market-leading real estate firm in the city’s core. This dynamic position will be rewarding for those who thrive on organizational excellence, a capacity to multi-task with flair, and a desire to be part of a young and energetic team. REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS You will be reporting directly to the owner of the company, and

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