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Buyer Beware? No, Buyer be Informed

Posted April 14, 2015 by Paul

“Buyer Beware”. Seems like really useless advice to me, because it’s a catch-all for anything and everything that may go wrong.  In truth, it always struck more more as an ass-covering device, to pull out after something had gone totally amiss, only to demonstrate that the person who uttered the warning might have known better.  With a little finger wagging.  Along the lines of “I told you so”.  And just pray it wasn’t uttered in the latin, elevating the statement to pure snottiness. “Buyer, Be Informed”. We receive numerous calls from buyers looking at modern properties throughout the city, seeking…

In The Press

It’s Christmas time in the city

January 4, 2015, Toronto Star

Toronto Star Profile of Modern Townhomes in Toronto

Mingle all the way: There’s a small-town vibe on the street where the two Pauls live.
“You see all these dinner parties going on and it’s incredibly animated,” says Paul Johnston. “We wave to our neighbours from the sidewalk. And when we’re inside having dinner, it’s great fun to realize there are people walking by.”
Johnston and his partner Paul…


Congrats to all parties. Once again, you both have been so great to deal with.”—K. P.
We just wanted to say thanks for your help selling our house. Once again, you exceeded our expectations in the handling of the whole process.”—JC & AM
I understand now why people seek you out for modern homes, as I can't imagine anyone having as much knowledge and insight into great modern design as you do. An expert, and a gentleman. Thank you.”—T. B.

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I am a proud contributor to Habitat for Humanity

A portion of my fees are donated to Habitat for Humanity to provide healthy housing for Torontonians in need.

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